Happy Holidays Space Fans ! !!

I was not able to get Christmas Cards out this year so let me take this opportunity to wish that everyone will have a happy Christmas and a most prosperous New Year.

Not much will be added over the holidays as I plan to spend every moment possible with my two lovely kids, Jemma (12) and little Miss Jorja (6). After all Christmas is more or less for them as it is so wonderful to see the magic in their young eyes.

I will however make up for this immediately in the New Year as I have lots of vintage photographs to list. Plenty of colour along with some fantastic black & white’s all in VG to mint condition. Apollo 11 and 12 fans will be pleased as I have a nice stack of each to list. Colour and black & white mission photos that are mostly lunar EVA’s. All the iconic images that are very much sought after. I will be listing some very nice Apollo 7, 8 and 9’s along with all the other missions. I will continue to update the Shuttle galleries as I still have around 200 very nice mission photos to list with plenty of breath taking EVA shots.

Some very nice and rather rare NASA publication will be added to the Mission Reports Gallery. A few outstanding chronologies will appear soon. The Apollo Spacecraft volumes 1 through 4, The Saturn V a pictorial chronology, Gemini program and Gemini Summary to name just a few of what is to come.

I know I keep mentioning that I will add some new items to the Gift Shop gallery, well I will follow through with this promises … I promise :o). I have some nice medallions made from flown metal and a 1960 trophy of the Mercury Atlas that is 2.5 feet tall in a plexi glass case. I have quite a few other items and all I need is the time to get it all photographed and listed.

So all in all I plan to start the New Year off with some outstanding new listings with a view to continue along those lines through out the year and well into the next.

Again I wish all of you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

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